Following a unanimous vote of its members to this effect, SODRAC joined SOCAN, and now offers an integrated management of music rights in Canada.

SODRAC 2003 INC By-Laws and Policies

Distribution Rules, V2017

Thanks to its unique expertise in collective management of reproduction rights in North America, SODRAC aims to make its catalog of works accessible to all its current and potential clients and to facilitate its use across all platforms with the aim of fairly retributing its members. Unlike an agency, SODRAC treats creators and publishers on an equal footing, and retributes each member directly.

SODRAC negotiates, on behalf of its members, collective and individual agreements with the users of their works, collects the royalties arising therefrom and redistributes them to the rightsholders it represents. It therefore controls any fixation of the works of its members on any type of audio, audiovisual or digital media as well as the exploitation of the recordings on these supports.


We Collect and Distribute Copyrights

SODRAC manages collective and individual agreements. In collective agreements, SODRAC grants users a general operating license for which it collects a lump sum or a percentage of the revenues it redistributes to its members whose works have been used, according to schemes established by its Board of Directors. Individual agreements and licenses concern the reproduction of audio musical works reproduced on a medium, as well as artistic works and the use of pre-existing works in certain audiovisual productions, for which SODRAC consults the rightsholders when the moral right is evoked.

Global Catalog, International Scope

In the music realm, SODRAC is the only Canadian copyright collective management society that has signed reciprocal agreements with foreign organizations that also manage this right. We are represented on all five continents.

In visual arts and crafts, the scope of SODRAC global, thanks to our many agreements with sister societies.

We collect royalties on behalf of our members for reproductions of their works in Canada and abroad. In the case of foreign countries, amounts owed to members of SODRAC are collected through our sister companies in accordance with their national law and practice.

Always at the Service of Our Members

Authors, composers, publishers and heirs of rights are all welcome at SODRAC. All have access to the Member Area, a secure portal that is accessible at all times in which they can update and view the details of their catalog or their royalties.

Our information and coaching services are efficient and personalized: our experts are always available for any question concerning the industry in general or a particular case. As we closely monitor the evolution of copyright throughout the world, we are the best reference on the subject, and we are pleased to keep our members informed of the latest updates in this constantly changing world.

As a collective society, our earnings are the earnings of our members.

We Defend and Support Creation

In addition to managing the copyrights of its members’ works on the Canadian and international markets, SODRAC represents creators in governmental realms and in all relevant forums, and represents their views on legal, political and financial matters.

The society is also part of many organizations dedicated to the defense of creators, and is a member of various international organizations dedicated to the management, protection and promotion of copyrights, where we defend the interests of our members in particular and copyright in general.

We Develop New Business Opportunities

Since its founding in 1985, SODRAC has grown steadily and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to generate royalties for its members. Following a business model based on the exploitation of works (European model) as opposed to the “Buyout” model (Copyright model), our society has often been a forerunner in the universe of copyright in North America.