Visual arts and crafts: new terms of membership

As creators of artistic works, you now benefit from new modalities that make your membership to SODRAC more flexible. Since the copyright management services we offer cover all aspects of your practice, we therefore systematically issue for you the required authorizations for the different forms of use of your works, whether they are presented in an exhibition, reproduced (whatever the medium) or communicated to the public, on Internet among others.

While these privileged copyright management services are based on a commitment by you not to personally authorize the use of your works, we have just reviewed this exclusive relationship to enable you, if you so desire, to exercise your copyright in four specific situations:

– when you make a personal use of your works without the intervention of third parties, and that you thus have control over their exploitation and marketing- what we designate as “self-production”;

– for specific rights of use granted in connection with an exhibition project (for purposes other than sale or rental) in exhibition venues determined by SODRAC based on their vocation and operating budget (we think of artist-run centers);

– for specific rights of use to the owner of a public work of art or one which is integrated into the architecture within the framework of the contract of realization of this work or the model of this work;

– for specific use rights to a commercial gallery as part of a representation contract for the sale or rental of your works.

In order to benefit from these new modalities, conditions apply for each of these four situations, in particular the inclusion of a “reserve” clause in the covered contracts to ensure that all other uses of your works are duly authorized beforehand by SODRAC.

To read the full text of these new terms of membership in Article 8 of Membership Limitations Regulation No. 2, please click here. For more information, please contact Gilles Lessard, Manager, Visual Arts and Crafts, by e-mail at or by phone at 514-845-3268 ext. 248.

We would like to remind you that as members of SODRAC, you are exclusively represented for the management of your copyright in all of your works in Canada and around the world.

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