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A big partner

Built by authors and publishers around a common goal, SODRAC now represents more than 9,000 authors, composers and publishers in Canada. For more than 30 years, it has been a leading advocate, defending, protecting, supporting and promoting its members on every platform, every day, throughout the world.


Maximum rewards

With SODRAC, you benefit from an exceptional worldwide showcase and collect any royalty that results from the exploitation of the works of your catalog on all supports (physical, digital, web and television). You benefit from exclusive tariffs and conditions across Canada and in all markets around the world through our representation agreements with more than 100 foreign collectors.


Defending and promoting your rights

SODRAC defends your interests by representing you at all levels of government and by monitoring the use of works on all platforms, in all contexts and in all markets.


Collective society = collective force

SODRAC is continually improving its service offering, and all the gains it makes as a collective society and a non-profit organization are the earnings of its members. You benefit from the importance and notoriety of SODRAC when it comes to negotiating with decision makers, users and broadcasters, and you benefit from dozens of general agreements negotiated with various users, and tariffs approved by the Commission of copyright that cover a multitude of rights.

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An efficient interactive portal

In SODRAC’s Member Space, you have direct and secure access to your profile, anytime and anywhere. You can see the list of your payments and the exact distribution of any royalty payments for your works, and more.

Total transparency

SODRAC publishes a report every year detailing its actions, investments and benefits, and informs its members of any event that has a particular or general impact on their status and livelyhood. Major issues are shared at our Annual Membership Meeting, or through group or personalized communications throughout the year. Our members can also reach us at any time, for any question whatsoever.


Invaluable expertise

SODRAC gives you access to privileged information in your sector, and its specialized team constitutes a first-rate resource for copyright matters, offering workshops and information sessions, or simply assisting  and responding to its members. Experts from our departments are available at any time to answer you.

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