SODRAC Inc Transfer

Switch to SOCAN Reproduction Rights (RR)

Download the following form: SODRAC INC FORM 

If you are the rightsholder of reproduction rights for your works, you have the possibility to transition right away from SODRAC inc. to SOCAN Reproduction Rights (RR), and start benefiting from the advantages of SOCAN’s new service offering for your reproduction rights, such as:

  • Short contract term and flexible options
  • Low commission rate :
    – Digital Music and AV – Broadcast Mechanical – Private Copying 7%
    – Physical Mechanical – Synch Administration – Other uses 10%
    – International 5%
  • All terms and conditions of the Publishing Agreement, including royalty payment, will be respected
  • Wide range of service offerings and à la carte choices
  • Transfer specific works or entire catalogues
  • Register the works once – Full access to catalogue information
  • Consolidated statements – Research capacity for performing rights (PR) and reproduction rights (RR)
  • Consolidated analysis and forecast for PR and RR
  • Possibility to recover advances on PR and RR in a consolidated manner
  • Continued access to royalties for radio and TV incidental copies
  • Continued benefit from reciprocal agreements with other MROs
  • Collection territories can either be Canada, World or World with exclusions

How to switch to SOCAN RR

Download the following form: SODRAC INC FORM 

fill it and send it to