SODRAC, the first collective reproduction rights management organization to distribute royalties for musical works on YouTube in Canada!

As announced earlier in 2016, SODRAC directly entered into an agreement with YouTube for the use of the works in its repertoire in various services offered by the latter. We are pleased to announce the first distribution of these rights in Canada to our members, covering the months of December 2016 and January 2017, in our March 2017 allocation.

In June 2016, we initiated our relationship with YouTube for the service related to user-generated monetizable content (UGC). The exchange of data files – we are talking here of several million lines to process – was put in place and the SODRAC directory was combined with YouTube data.

SODRAC began collecting rights from YouTube for viewing by users in the current period and for the time being drawing from the exploitation of musical works related to sound recordings and monetizable videos (tied to advertisements that users accept to look at). As an indication, without being a rule because several criteria can influence the associated revenues, 1,000 views of a video could yield approximately 12 ¢.

We remind you that these uses are for all rights of reproduction of your works carried out by the service and its users, no matter how these rights can be qualified. The term “sync rights” is often used, especially in the United States, and more recently in certain communications that you may have received, but we would like to reiterate that our agreement in Canada and with all our sister companies covers all required permissions granted to YouTube.

As for other YouTube services that may allow SODRAC to collect additional royalties for you, some, such as YouTube Red, are not yet launched in Canada, and others, such as the buying and leasing of audiovisual productions, necessitate the finalization of some income-sharing negotiations.
We will keep you informed of developments in the coming months.

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