Independent producer / Pay-As-You-Press

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Independent Producer / Pay-As-You-Press

You are not a member of any association (ADISQ, Music Canada or other) and you wish to reproduce musical works on a sound recording to sell it for private use and you have a recognized distributor (ex: Distribution Select)

If you do not have a recognized distributor, you want to reproduce musical works on a physical sound recording to sell for private use and pay the royalties in a single prepayment according to the number of copies made.

This license authorizes you to reproduce works, in whole or in part, of SODRAC’s repertoire on a physical sound medium for private use.

For any additional quantity of the same product, you must obtain a new license.

Regular Rate
$ 0.096 per work of 5 minutes or less

Minimum Rate
$ 50

Administration fee
$ 25

To Obtain This License

Complete the form available here

For more information, please contact us.

By e-mail :

By phone : 514 845-3268, ext. 228 for unaffiliated producers with a distributor

or 514 845-3268, ext. 251 for producers without a distributor.