Advertising and corporate video

Music License – audiovisual – synchronization

Advertising / Corporate Video

With over 300,000 musical works in its repertoire, SODRAC can provide you with the song you need to create the desired impact on your targeted audience.

You are or are acting on behalf of an advertising agency or a corporate video producer and you wish to synchronize one or more musical works in your audiovisual production.

Our license authorizes you, on behalf of our members, to reproduce a musical work from SODRAC’s repertoire, non-exclusively, to include it in the final editing of your advertisment or corporate video, to be used by a third party in a market, for a given territory and for a specified term.

This license may, in some cases, also include the reproduction rights of the sound recording.

The fee is established according to several criteria, including the territory covered by the license, the duration of the license, the markets in which the production will be broadcast and the duration of the excerpt used.

Administrative Fee
Administrative fee of $ 75 will be charged if the license is granted for free or canceled.

To Obtain This License

Please submit your project with as much detail as possible, including the project script, at

We will respond within 24 business hours.

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