Music Video / Videoclip

Music License – Audiovisual – Synchronization

Music Video (Videoclip)

You are or are acting on behalf of a record label and you want to obtain a reproduction license for a musical work used in a music video.

This license allows you to reproduce a musical work of SODRAC’s repertoire in a video clip. This is necessary to obtain most subsidies related to the production of video clips.

Regular fees
Online broadcast only: $ 350
Online and specialty television broadcast: $ 500
Online, specialty television and theatrical broadcast: $ 1,000

These fees are for a single musical work and are based on 100% of the reproduction right.

Administrative Fee
Administrative fee of $ 75 will be charged if the licence is granted for free or canceled.

To Obtain This License

Download and complete the Synchronization License Request , and send it to

We will respond within 24 business hours.


You are at the last minute to get your license? No problem, we will be able to issue one within 48 hours of receiving your request.