On-demand Video (Tariff 7)

Music Licence – audiovisual

On-Demand Video (Tariff 7)

You offer an on-demand video service that allows a consumer to choose to view an audiovisual file in which a musical work from our repertoire is already embedded.

This license authorizes you to reproduce all or part of any musical work of SODRAC’s repertoire already embedded with the audiovisual work in order to transmit it in a file to a user in Canada via the Internet or by another similar network of computers, including by wireless transmission.

Regular Rate
A × B

Being understood that

(A) represents 1.49% of the gross revenue from the services for the month;

(B) represents the number of plays of files requiring a SODRAC license during the month;

(C) represents the total number of times that all files are played during the month.

Minimum Rate
The highest between:

  • ¢ 7.9  per subscriber;
  • ¢ 0.054 for each play of a file requiring a license from SODRAC


See proposed Tariff

To Obtain This License

For more information, please contact the Director of Licensing and Legal Affairs

By email : droits@sodrac.ca

By phone : 514 845-3268, ext. 249