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Music License – audiovisual –  synchronization

Variety Show

You are, or are acting on behalf of a variety show producer and you wish to synchronize one or more musical works in your audiovisual production.

Our license authorizes you to reproduce a musical work of SODRAC’s repertoire in a non-exclusive way to include it in the final editing of your variety show, to be exploited by a third party in a market, for a given territory and term.

This license may, in some cases, also include the reproduction rights of the sound recording.

Please note that SODRAC also offers a license for general use of its repertoire for your variety shows, covering the music catalog of our members musical works, if they chose to opt-in. This general license gives you quick access to our selected repertoire according to pre-established fees. The clearance of the rights is automatic, and you pay a fixed fee according to the use throughout your production, thus avoiding individual negotiations.

The fee is based on several criteria, including the territory covered by the agreement, the duration of the agreement and the markets in which the production will be broadcast. The fee per work is also established according to the duration of use of each work.

Administrative Fee
Administrative fee of $ 75 will be charged if the license is granted for free or canceled.

To Obtain This License

Please send us your detailed project, including the synopsis, at

We will respond within 24 business hours.

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