Videocopy (Tariff 5)

Music License – audiovisual

Videocopy (Tariff 5)

You offer a videocopy distribution service for sale or rental to a consumer for private use or intended for the public exhibition of the audiovisual work or a trailer of the audiovisual work.

This license authorizes you to reproduce in a copy of an audiovisual work a musical work from SODRAC’s repertoire already incorporated in the audiovisual work, or authorize such reproduction :

A) for the sale or rental of a physical copy of the audiovisual work, with or without additional content, to a consumer for private use;

B) for the theatrical presentation of the audiovisual work or a trailer of the work.

Regular Rate

For videocopies:
Annually, the distributor chooses between one of the following 2 grids:

Quantity of music requiring a license from SODRAC Fee per copy
No more than 5 minutes  ¢ 2,51
More than 5 and no more than 10 minutes  ¢ 6,67
More than 10 and no more than 20 minutes  ¢ 12,43
More than 20 and no more than 30 minutes  ¢ 17,80
More than 30 and no more than 45 minutes  ¢ 22,47
More than 45 and no more than 60 minutes  ¢ 27,00


Rate per minute per copy of program or product Top Music (including themes) Background music (including transitions)
For the first 15 minutes  ¢ 1,51  ¢ 0,61
For the next 15 minutes  ¢ 0,91  ¢ 0,36
Subsequently  ¢ 0,55  ¢ 0,22

For theatrical distribution :
$ 100 per year

See the proposed Tariff

To Obtain This License

Please contact our Licensing Department

By email :

By phone : 514 845-3268, ext. 228