New copyright agreement for SODRAC members contributing to ENOAC

Some of you have been asked to take part or are already taking part in the Entrepôt numérique d’œuvres artistiques contemporaines (ENOAC) [Digital Warehouse of Contemporary Artworks], which includes a range of made-in-Quebec works in the fields of arts and crafts, stage design, illustration and visual arts. To provide proper oversight of your works and to facilitate their distribution, SODRAC and ENOAC have signed a licencing agreement covering the rights to use works by all SODRAC members who are contributing to this image bank available at, which was set up by four professional associations.
In so doing, SODRAC is ensuring the collective management of your copyrights while authorizing ENOAC to digitize your works (if necessary) so reproductions can be distributed online via its website and so these images can be made available to teachers and education professionals in Quebec via Copibec’s Savoirs multidisciplinaires en ligne/SAMUEL platform.
This agreement represents a potential new royalty source for participating SODRAC members, who are selected by ENOAC based on various eligibility criteria. In order to facilitate the project start-up, it was agreed that one-half of Copibec’s royalties will be paid to ENOAC to cover its operating expenses while one-half will be paid to SODRAC, which will then distribute them to members whose works are used by Copibec’s education-sector clientele. This framework licencing agreement will run until December 31, 2018 and may be renewed at that point or reviewed in the interim if the development of ENOAC’s operations gives rise to new ways in which works are used.

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