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With the multiplication of broadcasting platforms, it becomes more and more difficult for a creator to personally control the use of his artistic works and ensure the respect of his copyright. Similarly, it is often tedious for a publisher, production house, museum or other user of works of art to trace and communicate individually with creators or their estates in order to obtain the necessary authorizations for any dissemination project.

Since 1997, we facilitate the work of both parties by acting as an intermediary specializing in the liberation of copyright in visual arts and crafts.

SOCAN represents over 40,000 creators and rightsholders of artistic works from across Canada and around the globe

Thanks to our expertise, our notoriety and a repertoire enriched by the works of thousands of members, we work both for the benefit of the creators for whom we ensure fair remuneration, and for the benefit of the users of their works, for whom we simplify the process of obtaining rights and permissions.

What we do

SOCAN manages any artistic work as defined by the Copyright Act: paintings, drawings, sculptures, architectural works, engravings, photographs, artistic works created by craftsmen, graphics, maps, plans and compilations of artistic works .

A one-stop shop for works, licenses, royalties

By acting as a single intermediary between clients and users, and authors of artistic works and rightsholders, SOCAN facilitates everyone’s task by enabling optimal outreach, management and reward.

A key player

Affiliated to more than 40 partners in all the biggest markets on the globe, SOCAN promotes the access to the works of its members and their use for all kinds of diffusion projects, on all types of platforms. It then ensures the respect of the rights of its members as well as a fair remuneration to them.

Our repertoire includes as many works by emerging artists as those of internationally renowned creators from here and elsewhere such as Francis Bacon, Michel Campeau, Laurent Craste, Salvador Dali, René Derouin, Marcelle Ferron, Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Pablo Picasso , Jean Paul Riopelle, Marc Séguin, Armand Vaillancourt, Irene F. Whittome or Andy Warhol.

The benefits are many :

  • Your works are represented in all the countries where there are management societies in this field.
  • You benefit from the skills, network and bargaining power of our collective.
  • You benefit from the importance and notoriety of the SOCAN repertoire during negotiations with users and broadcasters.
  • You control the uses of your works on multiple platforms.
  • You have access to privileged information in your sector.
  • SOCAN pays you royalties for the reproduction of your works according to the licenses issued.
  • You benefit from a service of watch of illegal uses of the works of our members.
  • You adhere to the concept of one-stop rights clearance, which greatly facilitates relations with all users such as galleries, magazines, websites, etc.

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SOCAN Arts: 514 844-8377 # 4402
Toll Free: 1 888 876-3722 #4402