To: Current SODRAC 2003 Inc. MEMBER (“Rightsholder”)


  • All substantial assets of SODRAC 2003 Inc. (“SODRAC”) have been sold to SOCAN through a binding agreement approved by the members of SODRAC in 2018;
  • The members also approved the liquidation and dissolution of SODRAC;
  • Numerous attempts were made to invite the Rightsholder to transfer the management of the reproduction right of their repertoire to SOCAN (“Rightsholder Repertoire”);
  • The Rightsholder’s Repertoire has, as of the date hereof, still not been transferred or, alternatively, the subsequent rightsholder(s) of the Rightsholder’s Repertoire (e.g., a publisher), has (have) already chosen SOCAN as the manager of the reproduction rights of the Rightsholder’s Repertoire;
  • SODRAC’s General By-Laws provide for the possibility of unilaterally terminating the SODRAC membership of the Rightsholder.

THEREFORE, please be advised that:

  1. SODRAC, pursuant to Section 3.17 of its General By-Law, hereby terminates or confirms the termination of the Membership Agreement of the Rightsholder with SODRAC no later than June 30, 2021 for the reasons set forth above;
  2. The Rightsholder acknowledges and agrees that (i) SOCAN, through its management contract with SODRAC, will continue to collect the royalties generated by the Rightsholder’s Repertoire for the period during which the Rightsholder is a member of SODRAC (ii) and undertakes to distribute such royalties to the Rightsholder in accordance with its distribution rules and any other applicable SODRAC policy, and (iii) that as of June 30, 2021, SODRAC will cease to represent the Rightsholder with respect to its reproduction rights in its repertoire.

In order to avoid any interruption in the payment or management of the reproduction right in your musical repertoire, you may, at any time and if you wish, mandate SOCAN the management of your reproduction right of which you are the exclusive owner, in whole or in part, by contacting

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