The ecosystem of collective management organizations



Collective management organizations are entities that administer, in whole or in part, copyrights owned by licensees who choose to entrust them with them.

The purpose of collective management organizations is to make available to all current and potential users the repertoire of works they administer, in order to facilitate and facilitate their use on all current dissemination platforms. and to come.

They are a kind of one-stop shop for users who acquire a license to use a given directory under specific operating conditions and for monetary compensation.




If you are a writer, composer or editor :

  • Reproduction : SOCAN RR
  • Communication: SOCAN
  • Labor relations: SPACQ / SCGC
  • Private copy: CPCC


If you are a performer or musician :

  • Reproduction : ACTRA/PRS
  • Communication: RE-SOUND
  • Labor relations: ACTRA / CFM
  • Private copy: CPCC


If you are a producer:

  • Reproduction : CONNECT
  • Communication: RE-SOUND
  • Labor relations: CIMA
  • Private copy: CPCC



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