Your reproduction rights in YouTube: SODRAC (already) takes care of you!

In addition its direct agreement with YouTube for the use of our repertoire in Canada, SODRAC also participates in the settlement between the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and YouTube on US soil. For any work that YouTube US has not identified, the SODRAC repertoire will be taken into account through our partnership with The Harry Fox Agency LLC and the RADKey technology provided by Rumblefish.

Therefore, if you are a SODRAC member, you do not have to do anything in order to receive potential royalties from this settlement, and you do not have to follow up on Audiam’s request for registration, since you already taken care of! A registration with Audiam would only create duplication and confusion in our claims, so we invite you to do nothing.

If you have registered with Audiam, we suggest you write to them that your membership in SODRAC already entitles you to YouTube royalties, and ignore your registration. You can contact them here.

We are always trying to maximize your royalties. As YouTube is an important user of your work, SODRAC has already entered into a direct agreement with Canada for your work and benefits from agreements with YouTube for the rest of the world via our sister companies and partners. The NMPA settlement for the United States falls into this category.


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